Narrative Nonfiction Can and Should Make Universal Connections and Cultural Impact

Narrative Nonfiction can do more than tell a personal story. Writers can make a real impact, not only by making stronger connections with their readers but also by training readers' brains towards compassion and understanding. They can most effectively do so by using a few basic craft elements, in combination with a specific narrative strategy, to elicit reader empathy and influence cultural sensitivity.

Make a Connection, Make a Difference

Narrative non-fiction is a true story that has been told in the form of a narrative. The information found within the text is factual and informative, while the style is entertaining and descriptive.

Personal essays and memoirs, when done well, tie personal experience to universal themes. However, writers can very easily spend too much time considering their own thoughts, feelings, or problems and be accused of "navel-gazing."

Creative nonfiction can help readers understand and connect to different character experiences and perspectives, allowing them to 'fictionally' experience situations and feelings they may never have experienced themselves.

And when done very well, narrative nonfiction can intentionally and strategically trigger empathy and understanding in readers' brains, training them towards greater understanding and compassion.

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